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War of the Silmarils - Topic 2 - the Forces of Light
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Author:  Hurin_it [ Tue Oct 20, 2015 9:36 pm ]
Post subject:  War of the Silmarils - Topic 2 - the Forces of Light

Very well, we'll start the core of the discussion from now onwards, for I'm going to share my War of the Silmarlils 2.0 scenario files.

Please, have all of you remember this is a draft. A long draft, may be, and a good one, I really hope, but with still much to do.

I worked upon it long time and after deep bibliographical research.The armies and general spirit of the game are based upon the Quenta Silmarillion overall, but of course upon the Narn-i-hin-Hùrin, as well as upon many other writings (the Book of Lost tales, Of Tuor and his Coming to Gondolin, and others).

Armies, heroes ans special scenario rules are now to be discussed and playtested. I hope I may rely upon your help, at laeast as much you relied upon my efforts, for the stronger our sinergy, the better the final result - for the satisfaction of all of us.

As the argument is very large and complex, it will be splitted in more than one topic:

- in a first topic we'll discuss only about the specific scenario rules;

- a second topic will treat the Forces of Light;

- a third one will treat the Forces of Shadow;

- further topics will be opened later to discuss optional rules, battle scenarios and other.

Topics will be named: "War of the Silmarils - Topic #"

I give a special thank to Gimli52, who helped me very much into developing this 2.0 draft.

Here below you'll find the first army list for downloading (5 files):

:rofl: :rofl:

A note about Captains.
I tried captains with different costs rather than standard 50 pts. This brings both advantages and disadvantages:
- cost is proportional with captain's effectiveness;
- weak formations are better likely to have captains, while expensive formations are less automatic into having them;
- different costs make a bit more complex preparing an army;
- a more balanced use of captains brings also a new general balance between expensive formations and cheap ones with regards of "at the double!" using.

A note about Realms.
I followed a general rule for the four standard army list (the fifth one reprents an exception upon many aspects). After a list of standard units common to all realms, each realm is structured as follows:
- special army rules for the realm;
- two legendary units;
- from four to six epic heroes.
This is to avoid having too long and complex realms, or to have too weak and scarcely intersting ones.
It may prove to have some kind of limits, though, and this is the reason because a few strangely named units and heroes (e.g. Ramandur, Rumil, Ilfrin: early Tolkien names, later abandoned) appeared - when lacking of heroes or monsters for covering all the needs.

A note about units cost.
The cost of each unit borns from a my algorithm, which results - whenever possible - have been compared with the cost of similar WotR units. About this, it's important to remember that in WotR there are many units that have unbalanced costs (e.g., compare Morgul Knights with Easterling Kataphrakts) - so one must be careful with these comparisons.
Thus, I believe most of the units should already have the right points price.
Some though, overall among the more complex ones (e.g. the companies of heroes, Hùrin and other extra-strong heroes, and the most expensive among the companies) have still to be verified - this means playtesting them to understand their real weight in the game.

A note about special rules for units.
Although I reduced the total number of specific units rules (Special Rules + Epic Actions), these are in general still numberous and their use when creating a unit to be placed in an army list proved to be tricky. I made many controls to avoid both doubling of powers and too strong combinations hero + formation (like is represrented in WotR - for example - by using Gimli + Khazad Guards, or the Mumak + Druzhag the Beastcaller).
A few though still might exist, and need to be discovered and corrected.

Author:  Hurin_it [ Fri Dec 18, 2015 7:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: War of the Silmarils - Topic 2 - the Forces of Light

Version 2.1 released - link replaced in Post #1.
Prices for Elves and monsters have been revised. Tom Bombadil has finally been added, while Beren and Tuor changed realms. Also added the Dark Elf assassin hero and Idril Celebrindal in Gondolin - this latter now taking the place of Galdor, downgraded to simple hero. Noldor stormcallers have now Dismay spells rather than wilderness. Many other small changes here and there.

All changes have been evidenced in yallow; the cuttings are in red.

Hope to see vivid help from the forum - this project may only succeed with a strong participation both in discussion and playtesting.

Author:  Hurin_it [ Fri Jan 08, 2016 9:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: War of the Silmarils - Topic 2 - the Forces of Light

Version 2.2 released - link replaced in Post #1.

Few changes here and there, as suggested by four playtesting games.

All changes have been evidenced in green; the cuttings are in red.

Author:  Hurin_it [ Thu Jun 23, 2016 6:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: War of the Silmarils - Topic 2 - the Forces of Light

Version 3.0 released - link replaced in Post #1.
Help and comments are welcome.

Author:  Hurin_it [ Sun Jan 08, 2017 10:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: War of the Silmarils - Topic 2 - the Forces of Light

Version 3.1 released - link replaced in Post #1.

A great thanks to the enthusiastic four Roman playtesters.

:yay: :twisted: :yay: 8)

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