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 Post subject: Kip's Trades
PostPosted: Tue Apr 18, 2017 12:49 am 

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Hey all,

Ages ago I used to lurk when I was a kid (we're talking almost 10 years ago), and I've decided to indulge in some old wish-fulfillment and get into collecting again. I'm sure seeing a new account here can be a little disconcerting, but I'm happy to direct you to my accounts on other trading sites where I've made some successful exchanges in the past couple months, as hopefully seeing evidence of other trades might inspire confidence if you have doubts.

Items are mostly assembled/unpainted, but several do have old paint on them. I'm going to be stripping a few of my own models soon, so I'll do my best to strip them clean as well. Items followed by an asterisk have some form of damage or missing pieces to at least some of the models. Will provide photographs, of course!

Trade Form

Country: Ohio, United States

I have:
    * Isengard
    * 3 x warg riders (metal)
    * 1 x Lurtz (metal)
    * 6 x Berserkers (metal)
    * 33 x Uruk-Hai Warriors (plastic)*
    * 23 x Uruk-Hai Scouts (plastic)*
    * Harad
    * 1 x Haradrim King foot/mounted (metal)
    * 1 x Mahud King foot/mounted (metal)
    * 6 x Serpent Guard on foot (metal)
    * 5 x Serpent Guard mounted (metal)*
    * 1 x original Haradrim command, chieftain/banner (metal)
    * 2 x Hasharii (metal)
    * 9 x Watchers of Karna (metal)
    * 6 x Haradrim Raiders on sprue (plastic)
    * Gondor
    * 1 x Aragorn/King Elessar foot and mounted (metal)
    * 3 x Guards of the Fountain Court (metal)
    * Miscellaneous
    * Heroes of Helm's Deep heroes
    * Attack on Weathertop heroes + wraiths

And I would like:
    * Galadhrim Warriors
    * Rivendell Knights
    * Mirkwood Rangers
    * armored Mirkwood Elves
    * Warriors of Dale
    * Warriors of Erebor/Grimhammers
    * Easterling War Priest

Since most of my wants are the newer plastics, I'm open to taking a look at your trade lists or listen to your offers rather than deal exclusively off my wants - but those are mostly what I'm looking for!

Thanks! Please message or post with any questions!
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 Post subject: Re: Kip's Trades
PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2017 4:52 pm 

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 Post subject: Re: Kip's Trades
PostPosted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 2:33 pm 

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