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 Post subject: Evil vs Good 300 pts
PostPosted: Tue Jul 11, 2017 8:35 pm 

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I'm quite a new player and was wondering how my army composition is.
The plan is to start learning this game with two armies of 300 pts.
What are your thoughts about these builds??


Warband 1 7/12
Théodred, Heir of Rohan with Horse
Rider of Rohan

Warband 2 11/12
Éowyn, Shield Maiden of Rohan with Armour
5 Warrior of Rohan with Throwing spears; Shield
6 Warrior of Rohan with Shield

20 models - 7 bows - 5 might

Mordor/Easterling Kingdoms:

Warband 1 12/12
Orc Shaman
2 Orc warriors with Orc bow
4 Orc warriors with Shield
4 Orc warriors with Spear
2 Orc warriors with 2-handed weapon

Warband 2 12/12
Easterling captain with Easterling halberd
4 Black dragons with Bow
4 Black dragons with Pike; Shield
4 Black dragons with Shield

26 models - 6 bows - 3 might

My next question is how to expand both armies to 500 pts? I have a Gothmog on foot, some orcs, Eomer, Third marshall of the Riddermark and some warriors of Rohan left. However Morannon orcs and a generic ringwraith seems better for the Evil army. Or am I wrong? What can I add to the Good army?

Kind regards

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 Post subject: Re: Evil vs Good 300 pts
PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2017 2:43 am 

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Hi there - first things first, you should remove the points that you listed, it's against site rules to post them and the admins will get on you about posting them...

As far as the lists go, they both look fine. Eomer - and using Knight of the Pelennor profile for him - is a great add to your Rohan list. As for Evil, both Gothmog and the wraith are good choices, use whichever you prefer and add in as many Morannon orcs as you can fit in....

Hope this helps....

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