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 Post subject: My first conversions (WIP)
PostPosted: Sat Mar 19, 2016 12:18 am 
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Hey there,

I recently got myself a Gil-Galad and Elrond set while I already had Elrond.
I checked out Gil-Galad and since I have a spare shield I wanted to give him one but he doesn't have a nice pose for it. (I don't just wanna stick it on the back)
So I collected all my courage and started cutting my models apart for the very first time. Damn, did I destroy them. It feels scary, but I made a go for it.

My plan:
Gil-Galad's head on Elrond's body. Elrond's left arm twisted up so Gil-Galad's spear would point up. Elrond's right arm would stay like that to be in a nice position to glue a shield on. This model would become a defensive Gil-Galad with his spear pointed up and shield right in front of him.

Elrond's head on Gil-Galad's body: His speartip would be cut off and would become a sword. The bottom of the spear would have to be removed. Elrond's head will turn to the left a bit. A foot will be changed 90 degrees so he'll get a more active position. It should look a tiny bit like this: ... rNEW01.jpg

This is what I've got so far:

For now I'm leaving it to dry so I can use some green stuff later to make up for the neck and hair. I'm currently waiting on my order for a drill so I didn't work seriously on the spear yet (This was just quickly made so I could see this pose).

I don't like Gil-Galad's pose with the spear pointing to the front very much, and his head/neck also look [word deleted] as of yet. Green stuff has to become an answer. I'm just really stuck on the arm issue. I'd like to twist his right arm a bit so he would hold his spear straight up... Any idea's how I should do that with that arm from the original Elrond model?

I actually started this conversion to make my Gil-Galad better since I already had an Elrond. But I actually absolutely love this Elrond version so far. I hope I won't destroy it in the end, but I'm carefully going to fix the neck and the hair, remove the spear's bottom and change one foot a bit. I never really liked the original Last Alliance Elrond model so much, so who knows I might end up using this one in games instead.

So for now I'm excited to go on but even more afraid to ruin things. I'd like to know every tip I can get on how to continue:
- How should I change the right arm (from the original Elrond model) to change it's angle so the spear would be pointing up? I find it very hard to precisely cut through metal that's a bit more solid at that spot.
- I dislike Gil-Galad's head so far. Apart from the neck/hair I feel like his head is a bit flat on the sides. Anyone knows what I should do to improve it a bit?
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