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 Post subject: The Hobbit, or the Hobbit as it should have been fan edits!
PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2016 5:19 am 
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Hey all,

I've been working on doing a fan edit of the Hobbit movies on and off for a couple years now, with lots of gaps and breaks as a project away from work and I've finally got finished enough versions to bother sharing.

Changes include:
I've split them into two movies, although that wasn't the initial idea with it just to cut out the parts that caused me to groan and check out while watching and stop enjoying the movies. There's thousands of changes to music, cuts to almost every scene. I honestly haven't kept track. Without too many spoilers, the focus is shifted more towards being about Bilbo, that means less Thorin, way less dwarves. It's much more like in the book where the dwarves are more of a single character as a group, especially the silly looking ones. Nori, Kili, Ori, I am looking at you, have almost no close ups.
Dol Guldur and White Council are still in the movie but trimmed and reshaped to more fit the book, including timeline shifts to fit the books. NO windlance, Bard kills smaug with a bow, no love trigangle, although Tauriel, the badass elf captain is still present, so don't get too triggered when you see her ;p Azog is still featured as the main antagonist but trimmed down and really only in the BOFA. There is no icy skating, dwarves and orcs on ice, the musical. A lot less Radaghast although he's still there, no bunnies though. A lot of the dialogue is trimmed to just be better. I am a writer and artist at my day job so I have some prior experience with story telling and editing so I have tired to apply as much of that as possible to getting the best product out of the material given. The BOFA is DRASTICALLY different. I don't want to give it away but, there's a big battle with the dwarves pushing out from the gate and all the way into the center of the orc army as in the book and not on Raven Hill by themselves. That's definitely the biggest change and really changes the conclusion of the movie for the better, IMO. I've also included a lot of the extended version footage in various places, which I think is a little bit unique among the fan edits that I have seen.

As with all fan edits, it is a copy rights violation to download it if you don't own the original source material. SO DON'T if you don't.

I think as an SBG enthusiast I've had a fun perspective on making this edit and I hope some of you who, like me were dissatisfied by the theatrical cuts, and maybe some of you who liked the originals but also wanted a truer vision of the book, will enjoy!

I've just uploaded it to the interwebs as a torrent, I am not sure if anyone's download it yet so if you can for some reason or another let me know I'll see if I can fix it. ... it_as.html? ... in_As.html?

If you get a chance, I'd love some feed back. I've been working on it for a while but I am sure there are some rough spot that could be better or other ideas that could be incorporated. So if you notice any or have any other ideas I'd be happy to hear them.

Thanks all!


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